Vision and Cash, Sweat and Success

Marvin Garellek, President & CEO ICBB
August 1st

Vision and Cash, Sweat and Success

As a consulting entrepreneur and seminar leader, I meet many entrepreneurs who need a good business plan to help realize their vision of success. As head of a company that develops business planning solutions, my vision is a product with two buttons. One is labeled 'Vision,' the other 'Cash.' You click one, then the other, and the cash you need to gain your goals falls into your lap. Since starting the company, in 1992, I have been sweating that product's development. My partner and others on the team have been, too. Early on, an angel investor whom the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Time magazine hailed as a visionary entrepreneur, infused cash in our vision. During the ensuing years, Success Magazine named our product their Editor’s times. Two major software brands licensed our product for their famous labels. A giant book publisher tucked it into a popular handbook on business planning. Though a it isn’t yet a two-button no-brainer (no plan writer is), Business PlanWorks has saved hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, buckets of sweat in writing a good business plan to help realize their vision of success. 

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Professional Edition with Consultation Professional Edition with Consultation

To the power of Business PlanWorks, this package adds the strengths of Marvin’s consulting team. Experience at your service. Knowledgeable, personal, targeted to your goals. If you thought you couldn’t afford a good consultant, you won’t hesitate to choose this unique value option. 

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Professional Edition Professional Edition

Developed by business consultants and software engineers , this package is the next best thing to hiring a professional to write your business plan. Designed around ease of use, it integrates informative ready-to-use text and helpful personalizing tools with simple yet powerful financial forecasting tools, and outputs your business plan in professional format.

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  • Interactive user interface and information content
  • Comprehensive sample text with click-to-insert personalizing and flexible word processing
  • Integrated financial tables with item-by-item input pointers and automatic spreadsheet schedules and charts for up to 5 years
  • Convenient publishing in professional format with table of contents and title page
  • Helpful guidance features available from start to print
  • Responsive no-charge user support
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