Why Market Digital Products

By Marvin Garellek
September 7th

Why Market Digital Products

The digital world isn't all music and games. Entertainment is a big market, sure, but there's more. Much more!

Informational software applications, e-books, videos and other products made of bits and bytes of digital data, represent a huge market opportunity. Also some big advantages. For instance, products that are not made of atoms and molecules can be 'warehoused' on a network server and 'shipped' at light-speed to any number of clients connected to a network.

Imagine everybody hooked up to the Internet, and it's easy to see the benefits of marketing something that can satisfy peoples' demand in real time -- automatically, with no stocking, shipping or handling required!

If you like the idea of marketing digital products, the first step is finding a category, a market niche, that you feel passionate about entering. My passion is personal technology for entrepreneurs. Yours may lead you to other growth categories.

So, my advice is, do an online search for, say, 'digital products wholesale,' see what's on offer. Then follow links until you find something that scores "10" on your passion meter. Then sit down and do a marketing plan that spells out the way you will turn your passion into money, and sets your agenda for success.

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