5 Million new businesses are started every year.
Only a relative handful make it through Month 12!
What makes a successful startup?

Entrepreneurs self-finance most new ventures
Many don't know they are underfunded till it's too late
Why cash flow planning is a key to success

An entrepreneur needs a good business plan to
leverage opportunity, grow a brand, build a dream.
Why is Business PlanWorks for you?

I Can Build Your Dream Business Plan & Get The Financing You Need

Will Write Your Business Plan: Will Get You a Mortgage/Corporate Loan/Grants/Financing anywhere in Canada.

The business plan I write for you will communicate your business concept and measure your business opportunity, in a language that bankers and investors understand. During my decades of experience writing business plans, consulting with managers and entrepreneurs in many business sectors, I have also held senior positions in top accounting-, technology- and telecommunications firms across the country, and done business across North America, as well as in South America and Europe.

As a business plan consultant, my professional relationships with banks, factoring firms, receivables brokers, among others in Canada, can get you the kind of funding you need when you need it. I provide business strategies, market analysis, competitive analysis; management, marketing and operations plans; sales and profitability forecasts and other Pro forma Financials. My business experience can guide you on smart strategies for Sales, Marketing, and Finance.

Your business plan will be a complete, professional, custom document (delivered in PDF and Word ) including all text and financials – Income Statement, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet (projected monthly/quarterly for 1 yr, annually for 3 years). It will be yours to communicate your opportunity to banks or other lenders, investors , angels, strategic partners.

Whether or not you need other people’s money to accomplish your business goals, every successful business has a blueprint to build a dream on. The next business plan I write could be yours.

My motto is, Success Is A Good Plan, and our mission is to prove that to you. Contact me at: marving at icbb dot com

Marvin Garellek co-founded Internet Capital Bulletin Board Inc. (ICBB) in 1992 to help entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses.

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Build Your Business Plan Now

Professional Edition with Consultation Professional Edition with Consultation

To the power of Business PlanWorks, this package adds the strengths of Marvin’s consulting team. Experience at your service. Knowledgeable, personal, targeted to your goals. If you thought you couldn’t afford a good consultant, you won’t hesitate to choose this unique value option. 

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Professional Edition Professional Edition

Developed by business consultants and software engineers , this package is the next best thing to hiring a professional to write your business plan. Designed around ease of use, it integrates informative ready-to-use text and helpful personalizing tools with simple yet powerful financial forecasting tools, and outputs your business plan in professional format.

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Free Bonus: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur


Hailed as a visionary entrepreneur by the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and Time magazine, author Michael B. Shane shows you how to use your head instead of your wallet to fund success!

Free with your purchase of any Business PlanWorks software bundle! $15 Value!


  • Interactive user interface and information content
  • Comprehensive sample text with click-to-insert personalizing and flexible word processing
  • Integrated financial tables with item-by-item input pointers and automatic spreadsheet schedules and charts for up to 5 years
  • Convenient publishing in professional format with table of contents and title page
  • Helpful guidance features available from start to print
  • Responsive no-charge user support
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