Vision and Cash, Sweat and Success
Marvin Garellek, President & CEO ICBB
Always planning to succeed as an entrepreneur in the real world, I sweat my Bachelor of Commerce degree (Marketing major), and continue my education by launching a creative marketing communications boutique. I sweat its incubation and growth, all the time learning, and after cashing out to a major ad agency, start a planning consultancy. This extends my education into a software product that goes back to school - used in undergraduate and graduate marketing and business workshops. It also goes into offices of marketing managers of large companies, into the kitchens of home businesses, and into a business planning software and service provider for real-world entrepreneurs.
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Raise the Stakes for Success

Raise the Stakes for Success

The world has changed a lot in the last decade. Instead of simply dealing with local or regional concerns, many businesses now have access to global markets via the Internet. It gives rural residents the opportunity to network on social sites like Facebook, download music, shop online and even find a mate.

by Marvin Garellek - posted 10th of October 2011 Full Article

Who Needs a Business Plan, Besides Cash-Starved Upstarts?

Who Needs a Business Plan, Besides Cash-Starved Upstarts?

If you ask this old hand in the business planning business, the short answer must be, You do! Naturally I'd say that, since my company sells business planning solutions. But having worked with a cross section of our quarter-million customers, I have a fair idea who needs a business plan. Read on and judge for yourself.

by Marvin Garellek - posted 20th of September 2011 Full Article

How to Write a "Financing Wanted" Bulletin

How to Write a \

During the years I spent helping entrepreneurs post "financing wanted" bulletins at my company's website, I formed an opinion about the style of executive summary that angel investors and venture fund managers want to read.

by Marvin Garellek - posted 14th of September 2011 Full Article

Our Business is Your Business

Our Business is Your Business

Few successful entrepreneurs would make their first million, or even part of it, if they had to make it with their own money alone. If you're dreaming about joining their ranks, but in the dark about raising the stakes, read on to see the light on the first steps to funding success.

by Marvin - posted 10th of September 2011 Full Article

Why Market Digital Products

Why Market Digital Products

The digital world isn't all music and games. Entertainment is a big market, sure, but there's more. Much more!

by Marvin Garellek - posted 7th of September 2011 Full Article

Start Your Dream Business

Start Your Dream Business

If you've been dreaming of starting your own business, and are ready to put your plan into action, then we've got advice for you. Read on for the first steps any would-be entrepreneur needs to take in order to launch his or her own business.

by Marvin Garellek - posted 5th of September 2011 Full Article

Creating Creative Strategy a la Madison Avenue

Creating Creative Strategy a la Madison Avenue

When you work in the advertising industry, you learn how creative strategy is developed. The following process is used at most of the ad agencies I've worked for. You ask a series of probing questions, and the answers you come up with inform your creative strategy for an ad or a campaign.

by Marvin Garellek - posted 1st of September 2011 Full Article

Build Your Business Plan Now

Professional Edition with Consultation Professional Edition with Consultation

To the power of Business PlanWorks, this package adds the strengths of Marvin’s consulting team. Experience at your service. Knowledgeable, personal, targeted to your goals. If you thought you couldn’t afford a good consultant, you won’t hesitate to choose this unique value option. 

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Professional Edition Professional Edition

Developed by business consultants and software engineers , this package is the next best thing to hiring a professional to write your business plan. Designed around ease of use, it integrates informative ready-to-use text and helpful personalizing tools with simple yet powerful financial forecasting tools, and outputs your business plan in professional format.

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  • Interactive user interface and information content
  • Comprehensive sample text with click-to-insert personalizing and flexible word processing
  • Integrated financial tables with item-by-item input pointers and automatic spreadsheet schedules and charts for up to 5 years
  • Convenient publishing in professional format with table of contents and title page
  • Helpful guidance features available from start to print
  • Responsive no-charge user support
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